Buyer Guarantee Program


    In Winnipeg's current market, buying a home can be a challenge. From choosing one of the thousands of homes there are to look at (and avoid buying a bad one), to negotiating a good buy, multiple offers (bidding wars), and more... It's no wonder many folks are afraid to take the leap into home ownership... 

    Some home buyers opt to go at it alone when buying a home. However, 85% of most home buyers prefer the help of a licensed Realtor® to have access to comparable home prices, due diligence, negotiation, and proper representation when buying a home. Many banks & lenders also require buyers to work with a licensed Realtor®.  It's kind of like being in court...You wouldn't want the prosecuting lawyer also representing you in your defence, would you? Listing agents will represent the home seller. YOU, as a home buyer, need proper representation to PROTECT you and your purchase of a home. It only makes sense. In this case, you would employ a Licensed Realtor® to help you and act as your "Buyer Realtor®". Should you be seeking help in your next home purchase (which can also be your biggest asset or liability) you want to feel confident in your choice of a Realtor®. In Winnipeg alone, there are over 1600 Realtors® to choose from.

    You see, the typical real estate agent will show a home buyer a handful of homes and pressure the client into buying one. The agent then disappears after closing (the home is sold) without any guarantee, leaving the client wondering what happened to him/her. Do you really want to be treated this way with YOUR biggest life purchase?

    There is a much simpler way to go about buying a home.... I have developed my exclusive MULTIPLE AWARD WINNING SHAWN SOMMERS GUARANTEED HOME BUYING SYSTEM™. The highlights of my GUARANTEED HOME BUYING SYSTEM™ below will certainly illustrate the benefits to you as a home buyer. I stand behind YOUR decision to buy and offer you my personal Buyer Guarantee. I offer it to help maintain and protect your investment. I want you to know how committed I am to helping my clients find their dream home – YOUR HAPPINESS IN YOUR NEW HOME IS MY #1 PRIORITY!


    1. Get pre-approved by the best financial advisors through my team with loan solutions to fit your personal needs at the BEST rates on the market - saving you time and money.
    2. Avoid bidding wars: Become a V.I.P. BUYER & receive immediate priority access to ALL hot new listings that match your criteria as they hit the market, in many cases, before other home buyers do. Throw out those papers and forget about scouring the internet for homes that may already be sold. My system will save you time & does this all for you! All you do is decide which homes you wish to see at a time convenient to you & I take care of the rest. As well, you’ll access homes through my system that may not even be on the market for others to see. My home selling experience and relationships enable me to include expired/withdrawn listings, private sellers that have commissioned me to find them a buyer, estate sales, distress sales, bank foreclosures, and many more homes that may not only be a great fit, but a great deal as well - saving you money.
    3. Once we find your dream home, I’ll investigate it to make sure it is a good buy and not only negotiate to get you the best deal, but ensure your due diligence is taken care & facilitated through your choice of a number of lawyers on my team.
    4. MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE: I’ll do a great job finding you the right home. If for ANY reason you are unhappy with your home within the first 12 months of ownership, I will step up and waive my normal listing end commissions & SELL your home for FREE*!
    5. Best of all: My Home Buying program is FREE: (you do not pay any commission or fees to use my services) and you are never obligated to buy a home!
    6. CANCELLATION GUARANTEE: If I don’t live up to your expectations, you can cancel our agreement at any time.
    7. Potentially SAVE $100’s-$1000’s of dollars through relevant services/goods for your home with my exclusive Century 21 “Coupon Connection Package”.
    8. A portion of proceeds from every home SOLD by Shawn Sommers is donated annually to AUTISM SOCIETY MANITOBA & PARKINSON SOCIETY MANITOBA, two charities I am proud to support that personally help those in need that are close to me.


    For more information on the SHAWN SOMMERS GUARANTEED HOME BUYING SYSTEM™ and a FREE special report YOU MUST READ entitled "9 Common Traps To Avoid When Buying A Home": simply fill out the form on this page, then click the “INSTANT ACCESS” button at the bottom of the form.

    Below, please see a highlight of my accomplishments. I am proud of them and work very hard to achieve them. More importantly, I work hard to achieve results for my BUYER clients. Without you, none of this is possible. Additonally, don't just take MY word for it. Here what others have kindly had to say...
    • Over 25 years of successful Sales & Marketing/Negotiating experience
    • Recipient of the highly regarded CENTURY 21 “Rookie Realtor Of The Year” in first year of Real Estate Sales
    • Regular Annual Recipient of the highly regarded CENTURY 21 CANADA CENTURION® AWARD recognizing the TOP 10% of Century 21 Realtors® annually (based on number of homes sold/dollar value)
    • Regular Monthly TOP 15 OFFICE PRODUCER
    • Recipient of the highly regarded WINNIPEG REALTORS® BRONZE/SILVER Medallion Awards - recognizing the TOP 10% (based on Houses SOLD & Dollar Value) of all WINNIPEG REALTORS® in 2011 & 2012
    • OVER $40 MILLION DOLLARS of Winnipeg Real Estate SOLD!
    • ON AVERAGE - I SELL A HOME IN WINNIPEG EVERY 5-6 DAYS. When you are ready, let me put my experience to work FOR YOU

    We met Shawn a couple of years back. He is the real deal! He listened to us and our needs and like a soldier, showed us in excess of 70-80 homes in the SouthWest Winnipeg area. After writing a number of offers (and losing in bidding wars), Shawn finally did find us the home of our dreams in the Charleswood area and we purchased it for roughly $25,000 less than market value! When it came time to sell our Tuxedo home, we let Shawn do his work. He brought us in 6 OFFERS within one week of being on the market. Our home sold for $46,000 over list price!! We are grateful for his help. Shawn loves what he does and it certainly shows.” - Ian & Darlene

    “I had relocated to Winnipeg after several years in Vancouver. After viewing several properties & condos with Shawn, he had helped me purchase a condo in the Norwood area of Winnipeg. The whole process was very pleasant and fun! After about 10 months of being in the condo, I decided it wasn’t the best fit for me due to proximity to my work. Without hesitation, Shawn put my condo on the market and waived his regular listing fees as part of his GUARANTEE promise. That was very kind of him. I sold my condo quickly through his system and ultimately purchased another one with Shawn. Shawn is very forward thinking and puts the needs of his clients first. Without hesitation, I would recommend anyone to him.” - Alexis

    “I was a first time buyer of a single detached home in St Vital and purchased my home with Shawn. After looking at several properties, I found my current home. Shawn & I (along with some family members investigated the home upside down/inside out) and were convinced the home was not only a good buy, but structurally sound. Plus, the seller provided a disclosure statement (at our request) stating no problems with the house, water, pests, etc. So, I decided to go for it. After about 6 months of living in the home, I discovered mice droppings and was obviously quite upset. I approached Shawn about this and he offered to sell my home & waive his listing end commissions as promised. I loved the home though. Shawn went above & beyond and did some investigating. The previous owner had never lived in the house as it was a rental. Shawn somehow contacted the previous tenant and asked if ever there was a pest issue. The previous tenant went on record to state there was, hence why the seller was selling! Shawn took all this information to the lawyers and threatened to go to small claims court to have the situation remedied. Within one week, the previous owner fessed up and paid the $3500 bill to have the mice exterminated and the underground foundation areas where the mice were getting in properly patched up. Shawn did not have to go to all this trouble for me, especially 6 months after the possession date, but he did. I didn’t have to sell, which was even better. I was blown away by his level of commitment and you will be too”. - Jocelyn

    *Some fees may apply. Enquire with Shawn Sommers for full details of BUYER GUARANTEE PROGRAM. Program details subject to change.